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Diamond Burs

Podiatry Burs for professional treatment for hyperkeratotic tissue and hypertrophic nails. Through an exclusive bonding process, which permanently bonds diamond to the bur surface, our burs offer unsurpassed product life and performance! More efficient than steel or carbide instruments and with greater patient acceptance because of reduced heat generation.

Each diamond bur is fitted with 3/32" shaft size and are available in 9 different shapes and sizes:

Barrel - To reduce thick, deformed nails.
Bud - The most popular pattern for nail reduction.
Olive - Similar to the Pear and Bud.
Pear - To smooth the rough edges of nails.
Short - For better control in treating smaller digits.
Small Cylinder - For gross reduction of large nail areas.
Small Olive - For working smaller areas.
Taper - For the treatment of incurvated nails or the nail groove.
Umbrella - For the reduction of hyperkeratosis, tylomas and heel callus.

High quality diamond burs. Made in the United Kingdom