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Podiatry Drills

Podiatry Drills
Podiatry Drills with Spray
Podiatry Drill with Suction Vacuum

Innovative Design

Our user-friendly podiatry drills are designed to meet the needs of the modern podiatrist with a primary focus on hygiene and quality. Each foot care drill is easy to clean and includes a lightweight, ergonomic handpiece to prevent user fatigue and strain, making operation easy and comfortable.

Our podiatry nail drills includes spray and vacuum suction machines. Each foot drill features a quiet motor, 14 or 19 speed settings and a powerful speed range from 5,000 to 30,000-40,000 RPM.


The PodoSpray machines feature a unique spray technology that ensures both the bur and the treatment area stay cool when a fine mist is sprayed. All water spray drills have a large, transparent tank (245 ml) making it easy to monitor the spray level.


The PodoVac machines have proven suction technology with a maximum suction of 190 liters per minute. These nail dust extractors will alert the user once it’s time for the vacuum bag to be changed.

Both nail vacuum handpieces have soft touch grip pads for additional operator comfort.